Case Studies

BearCartage Fleet Management Application

Bear Cartage & Intemodal Inc. which is in the business of handling cross-town as well as truckload work in middle western states, is using a Trucking Database Application for the last 7 years. The current contractor was not able to give satisfactory support to the application.


  • Understand a complex application built over 2-3 years by 3rd party without any design documents.
  • The complexity of the application is from Medium to Large
  • Reverse engineer to prepare DB diagram and Whole business logic of the application
  • Better response of the application with large SQL database


  • Integrate with partners with EDI Communication
  • Responsive Screens


PPIC has taken up the challenge of maintaining the large application in 2015.

PPIC has enhanced application to Responsive design and trading partner EDI integration for seamless workflow.

Our solution includes:

  • EDI Partner Integration for standards - ANSI X12
    • EDI 204 - Transportation Motor Carrier Load Tender
    • EDI 990 - Response to a Load Tender
    • EDI 214 - Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message
    • EDI 210 - Motor Carrier Invoice
    • EDI 997 - Functional Acknowledgement
  • Convert Application to Responsive Website to suite Tablets as well as PCs
  • Database Tuning to improve responsiveness especially reports